Our Products

The FiT, targeted at fitness Centers, is a fully automated system which will make daily management activities in a gym more user friendly and robust. The software includes a fingerprint door lock, which will record the member access time and date and will check if the member has paid for the respective month and if not, the door won’t open and someone from management will have to attend to the matter. And to remind the members of the monthly payments, a SMS will be sent to their mobile phones as a reminder at the end of the month.
The sms, or the Studio management System is targeted at studios as the name suggests and it helps to make daily management activities in a studio more robust, the studio owner will be able to keep track of the sales stocks and all the deals done within a day and manage the expenses and income properly
Mobitech is targeted at mobile phone shops, let it be sales or repair, the stand alone system is customized according to customer's requirements.
Smile is a feedback collecting system implemented to collect customer feedback from any kind of store, let it be a grocery store, a supermarket, a pastry shop or a clothes outlet, the customer can rate the service of the staff and the satisfaction with all the services available
This system is one of our unique systems, which can apply to any POS based inventory requirement. Also this can be configured according to your company needs.
TIN system is designed to cover your company's payroll system. This also is one of our unique implementations that can be configured according to your company needs. System includes functions such as Attendance Management system, Leave management, Payroll Management and Reminder System
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